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Fear the Fanboy pt.2
Fear the Fanboy pt.2

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Nerd Culture

This is a comic made by, and starring Omegasama, Styggelse, Metal_Minish and Fannnyn. It's based around ourselves and things that happens to us in real life. 98% of all that is in this comic are actual events. Enjoy your read.


And it's an update!

Long ago, Diana (Omegasama) asked me to fix a new layout and look for Nerd Culture. And I promised I would... Well, I finally fullfilled the promise now... ^^;; Inspired by the cover of our first fanzine, I welcome you to the newly renovated site of Nerd Culture!
Also just posted the page about all of us four creators and main characters in these pages/strips.

We made a fanzine which was sold on Small Press Expo in Stockholm, april, and it has also traveled along us on various conventions. Hopefully we'll make a volume 2 someday!

Until then, enjoy your read~

//Metal_Minish (Teru)

posted by Metal_Minish @ October 25th, 2009, 8:55 am  -  2 comments

A new day... a new comic...

New comics come up all the time, and this one is no different from those. This is based on myself and my friends, my friends will also update this one so if the style suddenly change, it's them who's posting.

I will get into that more when that happens.

Anyway, this was made mainly as a fun thing based on a strip comic idea I had last year... it will be made into a fanzine when we have enough comics.

I will add info about the characters in a future post.

But for now, enjoy the few pages that are up ^^

posted by Omegasama @ December 12th, 2008, 8:48 am  -  0 comments

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